Some people think cleaning Quality rugs will harm them, so they allow dirt and stains to obscure the otherwise vibrant and intricate patterns. Yet the number one enemy to a rug... is soil. Gritty dirt gets into the pile and as people walk on the rug, damage is being done. The gritty soil acts like sandpaper, grinding away at the fibres.

Thoroughly cleaning a rug every two or three years will prevent permanent damage caused by soil and stains AND prolong it's life and usability.

Many un-educated cleaners clean your quality rugs with the same methods and chemicals they use for cleaning carpets. They don't understand your rugs.... woven treasures that must be handled by an expert in the fine art of quality textile cleaning.

High-Filtration Vacuum; Some rugs can hold up to 1lb of dirt per sq ft, so thorough vacuuming is essential to remove all dry soiling before any wetting. (If you picked up a handfull of dirt and then poured water on, it would turn to mud) Not what you want on your fine rug!

Pre Spotting;  We carry out specialist stain removal techniques on visible stains.

Pre-Spray;  Next we apply a special Fabric cleanser designed to lift dirt and pollutants safely from your rug pile. This is then carefully groomed into the fibres and left to dwell for several minutes to allow it to soak in,deep down.

High Pressure Hot Water Extraction;  Using our Hot Water Extraction Unit, the hot water shoots the cleaning solution into the carpet at high pressure. It then produces a huge vacuum to draw the dirt, chemicals and bacteria out of your rug.

Residue Rinse;  We use the extraction machine to ensure a residue free rinse that ensures the integrity of your fine rug and helps to retard soiling.

Rapid Dry Blower;  Finally, we'll use special carpet dryers to rapidly dry your rug.


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