To start of this blog ,  I am going to start by answering some FAQ

Q. Is it true that once you have had your carpet or suite cleaned they get dirtier quicker, takes the stuffing out?

A. This is true when you use inferior cleaning methods like hire machines that are not strong enough to do the job to the highest standard. At Cleanbright carpet cleaning, we only use the best chemicals from Prochem, the industry leader. We do not use soap, we use Eco- friendly chemicals that are wool safe and safe for you.

Q. How long will my carpets or furniture take to dry?

A. Drying times for carpets and soft furnishings can vary greatly due to the following conditions:

humidity within the environment.

Adequate ventilation introduced to the environment.

The level of soil contained within the carpet or fabric.

The training level of the cleaning operative and equipment used.

The moisture retention rates of the fibres e.g. wool is more absorbent than man-made nylon.

Most carpets are dry within 2 to 3 hours with good ventilation and can be walked on straight away. Upholstery 24-48 hours because of the very thorough deep down clean the filling will retain a certain amount of moisture. Most furniture will feel just slightly damp or cold to the touch.

Q. A member of our household has an allergy

A. When carrying out the cleaning operation dust mites etc will be eliminated and reduce allergy and asthma suffering. Professional cleaning massively improves the air quality for allergy sufferers.

Q. Will my carpet shrink when cleaned?

A. The answer is no! Badly trained carpet cleaning companies which are usually extremely cheap in price pump too much water into the carpet at a high temperature which increases the risk of shrinkage and colour fade. Cle  Cleanbright Carpet cleaning does not do this because we are expertly trained!

Q. Does the room have to be free of items?

A. No, but it does help. Potentially breakable items should be removed from the room including inside cabinets if we have to lift them. We are very careful in your home. A settee can stay where it is as we will move to one side just enough to get to then if wooden or metal legs will place foil pads underneath to protect until dry.

Q. Will all the stains come out of the carpet?

A. Most marks and spots will come out but no guarantee can be made, it would not be honest. Success is governed by the nature of the article being cleaned, whether home methods have been used as this can set stains permanently.

Q. What methods do you use to clean carpets and upholstery?

A. We use the best possible methods to get the best safe results. Our expert training makes it 100% sure we use the correct methods.

Q. Do you use steam to clean carpets?

A. No. Steam is 100 degrees and over and can do a lot of harm to furnishings like shrinkage, colour bleed, swells and permanent setting of stains. Best they are used for ceramic tiling etc. One of our methods of cleaning is called ‘Hot Water Extraction’ sometimes confused with steam cleaning. This is the best possible method for carpet cleaning.

Q. I have black marks around the edge of the carpet, will it come out?

A. These are called draft marks are cause by air movement under doors and usually in bedrooms around the edges. You normally see these marks in older houses. These are extremely difficult to remove and we can not guarantee the 100% removal.

Q. What’s this very dirty area in front of the settee?

A. What we call ‘TV Shuffle’ where you sit and watch television. This area experiences extremely high footfall. The results are usually amazing as we concentrate on them but no guarantee can be made as these areas have usually worn more than say behind the settee. This abrasion causes different light reflection resulting in the appearance of slight soiling.

Q. How often should carpets and upholstery be professionally cleaned?

A. Every home is different depending on how much its used. We always recommend every twleve months for carpets and upholstery. Our carpet cleaning Maitainance plans can help with this spreading the cost of cleaning over a year. Phone us to enquire!

Q. What’s the best way to clean up red wine from my carpet?

A. There are many remedies on the web such as white wine, salt, household products, bleach and bicarb of soda. If you experiment then you are more likely to change the composition of the red wine spill, making it more difficult for a professional cleaner.

Absorb with dry tissue, do not use water then call a professional. The chances of success are very good and if the cleaning procedure does not work then the company may use a dye transfer method of removal.


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