Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

The common question that everyone asks is how often do I clean my carpets?

New carpets enhance the appearance of all rooms, but carpets can only take so much before they start to look dull and worn.

It’s necessary to have some kind of frequency to the cleaning of your carpets. Regularly, coupled with a good quality vacuum.

Due to heavy traffic, pets, children and day-to-day wear, carpets eventually become worn and soiled. If you vacuum every day you will still need to call a professional carpet cleaner at some point.

Carpet cleaning is an important part of home cleanliness. You regularly wash down surfaces, floors, window, bathrooms etc. Your carpet is quite an investment in your home or office so why not take proper care of it Cleanbright  Dublins premier carpet cleaners use the best chemicals and the best machines to enable the best carpet clean ever!

So why compromise on such an important investment in your home? The answer is do not compromise!

Why then should you get your carpets cleaned?

  • kills all dust mites and germs
  • reduces allergies and asthma irritation
  • increases the life of the carpet
  • keeps the ‘like new’ experience of the carpet
  • saves you money on replacing your carpet


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