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What is it about us that makes us so different , well when you choose Cleanbright carpet cleaning you recieve the best carpet cleaning in Dublin Not only do we perform our well known 6 Steps to an Cleanbright clean carpet but we also add Deodorising to ensure that your carpets are deeply cleaned and are left soft, rejuvenated and smelling fantastic as well as leaving you with a healthier living environment as well. This carpet cleaning service is ideal for owner occupied houses or rental investment properties.


Step 1. Pre-Inspection


We will do a walk-thru inspection with you of the areas to be cleaned. This is to determine carpet construction (this is vitally important to determine the type of treatment best suited to your carpet), soiling conditions, any potentially permanent stains and any areas of particular concern to you.









Step 2. Dry Soil Vacuum Extraction:

Dry soil extraction with commercial grade equipment is essential to ensuring the best and most

thorough cleaning result. At Cleanbright the Dublin carpet cleaner we highly recommend this step.









Step 3. Pre-Treatment:


Pre-spraying with the correct treatment is essential to ensure thatbstubborn soiling is broken down

and able to be removed when we steam clean.










Step 4. Treatment Pre-Groomed:


Our pre-treatment is worked into the bottom of your carpet fibres with either a rotary cleaning

machine or with a carpet groomer. This step is critical in achieving a deep clean of your carpets.








Step 5. Cleaning:


Once the soiling in your carpet has been loosened our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment will

rinse and extract the deepest dirt from your carpets pile. Pressure & heat are adjusted for each

carpet to ensure the best results. Cleanbrights cleaning will also leave your living environment

healthier as well.











Step 6. Post-Grooming Carpet:


Post-Grooming is essential to lift the carpet pile to allow for quick drying. It also allows the carpet

to fully bloom to its maximum volume and look its absolute best making your carpet softer and

more rejuvenated.











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